Airbag system
The motorcycle jacket with airbag offered to motorcyclists by Helite works mechanically. The benefits of this technology are many and are not to be underestimated.
Wear like a normal motorcycle jacket
A small clip allows you to connect to the vehicle. As in car, you just have to clip the jacket every time you ride the bike. If you are ejected, the cord that attaches to the motorcycle will dissociate from your jacket to activate the airbag. It is an active protection, meaning the airbag activates only in the event of a fall. A motorcycle accident is often fast and violent. Some elements are crucial to protecting effectively :
- Detection of an accident situation
- Inflate the airbag very quickly
- Expand a large volume
- Using optimal pressure
The following illustration explains in a basic way the importance of the correlation between the detection of the accident, the speed of inflation and pressurization of the motorcycle jacket.
This very simple to understand technology has the great advantage of being extremely reliable. No electronics, no batteries, the CO cartridge have a 10 year guarantee, you can ride in peace without having to worry about the proper operation of your airbag. Illustration of the mechanical system integrated into the motorcycle jacket.
Easy installation
This system is delivered ready to use, is easy and fast to install on all vehicles, for the driver and / or the passenger. You can equip several vehicles, the cords are universal. Your motorcycle jacket snaps to any Helite attachment cord.
Quick restart
A new cartridge of CO2 and the user reactivates his airbag himself in less than a minute. In addition to the affordable purchase price of a wired airbag, also save on gas refill for re-use. The price of a CO2 cartridge 60 CC for moto Helite is $35.00. A small harmless slide happens to everyone and the motorcycle jacket is triggered, it have not have to be very expensive and you have to be able to reuse your airbag jacket without delay. When you make long trips, take an extra cartridge along just in case. Go to the explanations of reactivation of airbag.